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Coordination of mind and body

Aikido is a Japanese martial art and practical form of self defense. It is reflexive, and is reactive to an unprovoked attack. When the techniques are applied properly by a trained Aikidoka, violent aggression can be neutralized swiftly and cleanly with control. It is effective to the point that no injury has to be inflicted upon the aggressor, as the aggressor may be someone we care about. Aikido can be safely practiced by people of all ages. Many athletes have found spiral power to help in performance. Aikido ukemi training can help people to avoid injury with proper use of rolls and falls. Aikido is great for kids as it teaches self discipline, confidence, and does not create bullies. Kaiju are Japanese monsters, like Godzilla. The name evokes the playful nature of the art.

Kaiju Aikido Club, in its 5th year, is inclusive of all styles of Aikido, and uses elements and principles from many sources. Nakamura Sensei believes that everyone can learn and excel in the Kaiju System.

Weapons Training

Bokken and Jo

Tori- and Kami,Tengu


Castle Rock Aikido

Nakamura Sensei

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